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2023-24 FMHS A.O.Y., R.O.Y, and Letterman Requirements


The angler that earns the most points during the school year will be recognized as the “FMHS Angler of the Year”.  The rookie that earns the most A.O.Y. points will be recognized as the “FMHS Rookie of the Year”.  In the event of a tie, the most points earned performing community service will serve as the tie-breaker.  Lettermen are the only members of the team eligible to purchase an official FMHS  letterman's jacket.  To be recognized as a “Letterman”, you must:

  1. Earn a minimum of 2,500 FMHS A.O.Y. points.

  2. Participate in a minimum of three THSBA Metro Division Tournaments.

  3. Participate in both the FMHS and LISD Championship Tournaments.

  4. Participate in at least one team community service project. 

  5. Participate in all post-season THSBA events for which you qualify.

  6. Participate in the team fundraisers.

  7. Create an instructional video for the team website. (This requirement is waived for rookies.)


Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Attendance at a scheduled team meeting = 50 pts.

  • Participation in a team community service project = 20 pts. per hour (200 pts. maximum)     

  • Successful completion of the T.P.W.D. Boater Education course = 100 pts.  (If you have already taken/ passed this course, you may substitute another online course.

  • Participation in a non-fishing team sponsored contest = Placement points as described for FMHS tournaments (Ex: pitching contest, knot tying contest, etc.)

  • Attendance at a team endorsed clinic/camp = 20 pts. per hour (200 pts. maximum)                    

  • Participation in the team fundraisers = Placement points as described for FMHS tournaments.  (This is a requirement to “Letter”)

  • Create a video to post on the instruction page of our team website (This is required to “Letter” for all except rookies)  = 100 pts. each (2 maximum.) (All videos must be pre-approved by Coach Davis.)

  • Participation in the FMHS tournaments (FMHS Championship, LISD Championship, jackpot tournaments): 1st = 300, 2nd = 280, 3rd = 260, etc.

  • Participation in all THSBA tournaments: 1st = 300, 2nd = 299, 3rd = 298, etc.

  • FMHS Big Bass of the Year (This is the heaviest bass caught in competition OR during an official practice for a tournament) = 100 points.  


     Bonus Points: May be awarded by Coach Davis for such things as tournament set-up and

     break down, organizing meetings, helping with the website, etc.

FMHS AOY/ROY/Letter Points
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