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FMHS Bass Boosters

A booster club devoted to the financial, moral, and physical support of the FMHS Hawg-sticker Bass Team

Current Booster Club News​:

We need volunteers!

This entire operation is run by volunteers.  No one makes a dime.  Our success depends entirely on the generosity of those who donate their time and resources.  There are many ways that you can contribute to the team.  Some are described below.  If any appeal to you, or perhaps you can contribute in a different way, please follow the link to complete the questionnaire.  Thanks in advance for your help!

Boat Captain:  TBF events require an adult to "Captain" a student team.  Typically, the Captain pilots the boat but does not fish, and is responsible for the safety of the competing students.  

Meeting Presenter:  A bass angler who is accomplished in a technique or strategy that is willing to teach his skill to our team during one of our monthly team meetings.

Team Photographer:  A person handy with a digital camera who will shoot photos at all team events to submit to local papers and post on the website.

Public Relations Director:  Someone handy with prose who will cover all team events and submit write-ups for the local press and the website.

Spnsorship/Donations Director:  A person who has the gift of persuasion with a lot of free time willing to make business contacts to solicit team sponsorships and donations of gear or services related to bass fishing.

Team Meeting Organizer:  A person who will be responsible to schedule a "pro" to teach at every team meeting.

Tournament Committee:  A group of individuals who will work together to plan all tournament to be hosted by the FMHS Hawg-Stickers.  Right now, that includes two events, the FMHS Championship in the fall, and the LISD Championship in the spring.

Tournament Staff:  A group of individuals responsible for running our FMHS Hawg-Sticker events.

"Cookout" committee:  A group of individuals responsible for the organization of our spring awards cookout.


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