Current Team News (Updated Monday May 18th)    

Please congratulate our 2020 awards winners:
 Rookie of the Year:  Grayson Lobaugh (1677 pts.)
Big Bass of the Year 8.67 lbs. : Jack Pellegrini (pending photo)
Angler of the Year: Caleb Boisvert (2229 pts.)
I need to see you three guys tomorrow evening at 6:00 PM on the front steps of FM9 to pick up your awards.  Please show up in uniform so we can take photos for the website.  When you arrive, the R.O.Y. trophy will be at the top of the steps on your far left.  The A.O.Y. trophy will be dead center, and the Big Bass trophy will be on the far right side.  Award winners will go up the steps, pick up the trophy, and remain in place until I get some pics.   I will be taking photographs from the driveway.  Parents, if you want your own pics, please park in the faculty lot and shoot from there.  Do not venture into the driveway.  At all times, award winners are to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet.  There is to be no physical contact, and everyone is expected to wear a mask or neck gator which will be removed only long enough to snap a couple of pictures.

FMHS Faculty Sponsor

Steve Davis
Office Hours: 11:30 - 1:00


Flower Mound H.S.

3411 Peters Colony

Flower Mound, TX. 75022



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