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Current Team News (Updated Tues. Oct. 10th)

FMHS Championship Rules

Launch:  7:05 am.    Tournament Hours: 7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Tournament waters: Grapevine Lake

This is a trailering event, launch and load from the ramp of your choice.

Format:  Each angler is competing for himself.  There are no "teams" for this event.  We will utilize the FishDonkey app to record and enter the five longest bass for each angler.  ALL BASS SPECIES ARE ELIGIBLE, including Guadalupe,  Largemouth, Smallmouth, Sand Bass, and Hybrid Bass.  There is no minimum length required.  Using each angler's respective phone, the Boat Captain is responsible to photograph each bass that the anglers wish to enter.

Prizes:  A plaque and baitcast reel for the three longest stringers of five bass, and a prize for the single longest bass of the tournament.  Due to the constraints of the Corps of Engineers, we will present the prizes at 4:00 pm on the steps in front of FM9.

*Please note the change in FMHS AOY points for this year.  The Champion at this tournament will earn 300 points.  2nd = 280, 3rd = 260, etc.  You must be present at FMHS at 4:00 pm. Saturday or you will forfeit all points earned in the event.

*The weather for this tournament is predicted to be sunny and windy.  Please check wind speed and direction when considering where to launch.  Let's be safe out there!

2023-24 Organizational Meeting   was held on Tuesday.  Thanks to all who attended.

Special thanks to our new booster club board!  Board members are:

President-James Segulyev

VP-Aleta McBride

Treasurer-David Rigby

Some items that were discussed at the meeting include:

1. TeamReach is gone!  We are now using the "sportsYou" app for real time communication.  If you are a parent or angler, download the sportsYou app, create an account, search for the "FMHS Bass Team" and enter code: P8CU-T4RB.   Captains, follow the same steps, but search for "FMHS Captains" and enter code: ZC4V-P2EL

2. Captains, please make sure your LISD Voly background check is current.  If you are due, please send forward the LISD email when you have been approved.

3. Parents, we are asking that each family take a turn at tournament set-up.  You will find details on the sportsYou app. 

4. Tentative plans are in the works for "Meet the Angler" night.  Details will be forthcoming.

5.  Anglers-You are not on our team until you have completed your FMHS Bass Team Registration.  The link is here:















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