Current Team News (Updated Tuesday, June 8th)

"Remind 101" is OUT.  "TeamReach" is our new app.  All team members and boat captains are expected to be enrolled in "TeamReach" for real-time communication.  It is a free app available on your store.  Please download and install the app on your phone or I-pad, then join the FMHS Bass Team using the code "FMBT" .  In addition to texting, I have also uploaded our season schedule and pics to this app.  Please, join today while you are thinking about it!












Congratulations to our 2020-21 award winners.  From L to R, "Angler of the Year" Grant Rankin, "Rookie of the Year" Chase Robertson, and "Big Bass of the Year" Caleb Boisvert.  Final AOY points are posted on the  A.O.Y page.



Check out   Camp Bass takes place on the last week of July on Lake Fork.  Campers spend the week on the latke with professional guides, learning all things bass fishing.  The camp ends with a tournament and prizes.  The price for this week of learning is $450 and is all-inclusive, except for incidentals.  Personally, I believe that this camp is the single most important thing you can do this summer to up your game, so, if you are selected, we will support you with $350 from the treasury to defray your cost.  There is a catch...the camp is only taking 30 students this summer, but they expect about 1000 applicants from all over the country.  So, how do you get selected?  Well, after talking with the camp director, here is what I would suggest:

If you really, really want to go, then you've got to put in some time.  You must download and fill out your application personally.  It should be hand-written and legible.  You should NOT ask for help from your parents, or your computer.  Fill out each question thoughtfully. The staff at Camp Bass is all about passion.  They are looking to help kids who want a career in the bass industry, not some kid who is looking for a week of fun away from the parents.  You must use snail-mail to get your application to Bryan, Texas before the deadline.  Then you wait.  They will post the list of attendees selected on their Facebook page a day or two after the submission deadline.  Once selected, things move very fast.  You've got to confirm you are coming, or they fill your space with an alternate.

Please let me know if you are selected.  As of this moment, because our treasurer's son has graduated, I plan to get you a check in the amount of $350 for reimbursement when we get a new treasurer elected next fall.  However, I will be searching for a new treasurer this week, so plans may change.

Okay, that's it.  Good luck!  I hope all six of you guys that say you want to go get selected...but the odds are not in our favor.  Sooner is better.  The weather is lousy today...might want to get it done!


Coach Davis


Congratulations to our 2020 FMHS Bass Team Award winners!

Rookie of the Year
Grayson Lobaugh
Big Bass of the Year
Jack Pellegrini (8.67 lbs.)
Angler of the Year
Caleb Boisvert