Current Team News (Updated Friday, Sept. 30th)

Texoma Results  Last weekend, the Jags competed in the first of the Metroplex Regional tournaments on Lake Texoma.  The Jaguars finished in 9th place, and the team of Kadon Rhodes and Grayson Lobaugh led the team with four bass that weighed 7.5 lbs.  Next up on the calendar is the Homecoming Carnival on the 19th of October.  All anglers are expected to show up in uniform from 5:00 - 7:30 to help MS and elementary kids catch a plastic bass for prizes.  Simultaneously, we will be competing in a pitching contest for points and prizes.  The contest will be a new format this year.  To win your match, you will have to beat your opponent in a tic-tac-toe competition.  Your target is a standard muffin pan with 3 rows of 4.  You will flip and pitch an unweighted soft plastic of your choosing to the target at distances between 12 and 16 feet.   Don't you dare practice with Mom's muffin pan without permission!


The 2022 version of the FMHS Championship was one of the most hotly contested we have ever seen.  Less than a pound separated the top three teams.  Bass were abundant, but the big ones eluded us.  Luke Dodson caught the lunker (2.52 lbs.) and he and Ethan Boisvert won the event with 8.58 lbs.  Special thanks to the Mom's who supplied us with food and beverage after the tournament!  Complete results are below.

1. E. Boisvert/L. Dodson (8.58 lbs.)

2. G. Rankin/S. Segulyev (8.43 lbs.)

3. B. McBride/N. Stanley (8.36 lbs.)

4. J. Jones/M. Rigby (6.98 lbs.)

5. G. Lobaugh/K. Rhodes (6.06 lbs.)

6. Z. Stanley/G. Pope (5.88 lbs)

7. E. Guy/T. Pate ((4.78 lbs.)

LISD VOLY REQUIRED ANNUALLY  Due to recent violent events taking place on campuses nationwide, LISD has ramped up security measures district wide.  As part of that effort, LISD is now requiring volunteers to sign up annually via VOLY, which includes a criminal background check.  Previously, this check was good for three years.  If you are working with students in any capacity in LISD, and you have not completed VOLY since July, it is time to do it again!  When asked, please indicate that you will volunteer on both campuses, FM9 and FMHS.  I will be checking to make sure that our returning Captains have cleared by Oct. 20th when I will send a complete list of eligible Captains and observers to the THSBA.

"TeamReach" is our team app.  All team members and boat captains are expected to be enrolled in "TeamReach" for real-time communication.  It is a free app available on your app store.  Please download and install the app on your phone or I-pad, then join the FMHS Bass Team using the code "FMBT" .  In addition to texting, I have also uploaded our season schedule and pics to this app.  Please, join today while you are thinking about it!