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Grayson Lobaugh, 2019-20
Rookie of the Year
Rookie of the Year
Sam Climer, 2017-18 "Big Bass" of the Year
7 lbs. 14 ounces, FMHS Championship, Lake Fork
Jack Pellegrini, 2019-20
Big Bass of the Year (8.67 lbs.)
Caleb Boisvert, 2019-20
Angler of the Year
Caleb Boisvert, 2018-19
Rookie of the Year
Clayton Schmidt, 2018-19
Angler of the Year
Sam Climer, 2017-18
THSBA Div. Angler of the Year
Ethan Eimers, 2017-18
Kayak Div. Angler of the Year
Ethan Swindall, 2016-17
Rookie of the Year
Troy Stewart, 2016-17
Angler of the Year
Matthew Rizk
2015-16 Rookie of the Year
Cameron Sikorski, 2014-15/2015-16
FMHS Angler of the Year
Richard Kelly/Trevor Jordan, 12th State 2016
Richard has Big Bass of the tournament, 10.71 lbs.
2014-15 Lunker Award
Jake Jordan
2014-15 Rookie of the Year
Troy Stewart
Cameron Sikorski, 2015-16 Lunker Award
6.4 lbs. caught on Squaw Creek
Troy Stewart sets the Ray Roberts Spotted Bass
Jr. record at 3.46 lbs., March 21, 2015
2015 THSBA West Region "Team of the Year"
Champions, Lewisville Open, West Region
March 7, 2015
2014 Skeeter Boats Super Six THSBA Team Champions
Trevor Jordan, Captain Wes Jordan, and Richard Kelly
Richard and Trevor on The Fishing Channel
The Bass Champs Show, April, 2014
Troy Stewart breaks the Texoma record
with this 3.72 lb. Smallmouth, 2014
2014 LISD Championship, Lake Lewisville, May, 2014
Champion Dylan Thetford, 13.04 lbs. (3 fish limit)
Sydney Davis and Noah Weaver win BPS Bass Jam
Noah wins Lunker award, 7 lbs., Ray Roberts, April 2014
Nitro Bass Slam, Eagle Mountain, April, 2014
Champions Gage Hall and Jake Jordan, 13.8 lbs.
Jags win 1st THSBA Team Champ. on Cedar Creek, Jan. 2014
Jordan Speckels wins Lunker award
Bobby and Jason win 2nd FMHS Bass Champ., Oct. 2013
Lisd Championship, May 2013
Bass Slam, Grapevine, April, 2013
Paul Downs/Dylan Thetford, 1st @ Ray Roberts, March, 2013
Dylan wins Lunker award, 9.12 lbs.
Trevor Jordan claims age group record, 6.56 lbs.
Jason Johnson Lunker award, FMHS Champ., Oct. 2012
Champions Bobby Burwinkle and Jason Johnson
FMHS Championship, Oct. 2012
Derek Davis wins 1st LISD Championship, May 2012, 8 lbs.
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